Who I Am?

God calls Moses to deliver the children of Israel.

This passage is the conversation he has with Moses.

God speaks to him from the bush.

 1. – God moves because his people pray.

When the people pray, God moves.

A people that prays is necessary so that the move of God becomes a reality on earth.

 2. – I will send you to Pharaoh.

God sends him to that institution that persecuted him.

God is going to lead us to stand before those who persecuted us.

God wants to “raise your head”.

 3. – It is God who sends you.

The enemy cannot be faced with our will and good wishes.

If God does not send, there is no point in going.

Do not go where God does not send you.

 4. – God does not send to losing battles.

“Bring my people out of Egypt”

Do not fight losing battles, but if God sends you it is not a losing battle, it is a sure success.

Many have gone on their own and have crashed, and in the same way the one who was sent by God triumphed.

If God commands you, you will succeed where others have failed.

  1. – Who am I?

Moses is aware that he had no power against Pharaoh.

40 years earlier he did not know this (Exodus 2:11-12).

God prepared Moses to be aware of his impossibility.

a.    – Nothing that happens to you in life has been by chance.

Your parents, your bosses, your enemies, your pastors (even the bad ones), all have collaborated with God to make you the person you are now.

There is much evil within us that God has to remove through positive and negative experiences, to prepare you for the mission that He has for you.

b.    – When you feel “nothing” then it is when you are worth to God.

People who have too many of them are not worth being used by God.

God wants to break your pride and destroy your “ego” so He can use you.

God wants you, without your “ego”.

Enjoy God’s treatment, embrace the humiliations that God allows in your life, they are God’s instrument to make you useful.

You don’t have to “empower yourself” “it is necessary that He grows and that you decrease”.

 6. – The essential requirement: “I will be with you”.

“Who I am?” wrong question, the right question is Who is with me?

  1. God is not with the proud “When pride comes, dishonor also comes; But with the humble is wisdom” (Proverbs 11:2).
  2. If God is with you, everything else doesn’t matter.

The presence of God is what strengthens us and moves us forward.

God with you is the strength of the one who has nothing else, not even himself.

 7. – The sign that God is with you: success.

  1. – Success is that God’s promise is fulfilled. –God’s purpose in the call comes true “to bring the people out of Egypt.”
    Being successful is that God’s promise in you comes true.
  2. Success has as its goal that you serve God.

“You will serve God on this mountain.”

God leads us to win so that we serve him, if after obeying God he is not served, he has failed.

The goal of success is to serve God.

 8. – God takes Israel out of Egypt to serve him better.

God took you out of the world to serve him better.

Do not get entangled in jobs and things that prevent you from serving God.

God took you out so you could put him first.

Better 300 euros less than doing what “the god of riches” tells you.