Three Fulfillments of a Prophecy

Zechariah was a prophet who displayed his prophetic activity around 520 BC. of C

The Book of Zechariah belongs to the Prophetic Books of the Minor Prophets.

Zechariah was young when he began to prophesy, it is estimated that he was about 17 years old.

One of the important things about this prophet is that thanks to his prophecies the Jews were encouraged to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed.

In this prophecy we see the following things:

1. – The temple is destroyed.

God’s people have been taken to Babylon and Solomon’s temple has been destroyed.

Solomon’s temple had been in operation for 400 years until the Babylonians destroyed it.

With the entry of the Persians into Babylon, the Jews were authorized to return to Israel.

After 70 years of captivity, the people of Israel return.

2. – Continuous worship had been stopped for 70 years.

Sacrifices could not be offered, the people in Israel had been captive and activity in the temple stopped.

With the return, Zechariah and other prophets prophesy about the importance of rebuilding the temple, and even say that it is more important than the rebuilding of houses.

3. – God’s plan is to restore continuous worship.

God does not want us to stop worshiping, He longs for his people to worship him.

In the Old Testament it was a physical temple, in the New Testament it is the temple of God.

God wants his people to understand the importance of continual worship.

In Israel God raised prophets, now the Holy Spirit that dwells in you urges you to worship.

4. – Government from worship.

Heldai, Tobiah, and Jedaiah came from Babylon, and they had precious metals, and the prophet says that crowns will be made of them and placed on the head of the high priest Joshua.

Worship, praise, ministering to God must be what governs his people.

He who worships is crowned with a crown of government.

The material has to be destined to what belongs to God. Your house, your car, your time, everything you own has a glorious destiny, serving as a platform for worshiping God.

5. – I renew.

The centennial elm tree on the hill
that laps the Duero! ….

I renew is that what is apparently dead suddenly comes back to life.

“When the caterpillar thought it was the end, it turned into a butterfly.”

Three Fulfillments of Prophecy

6. – First fulfillment.

In the priest Joshua who rebuilt the temple.

Joshua and the people rebuilt the temple, worship was restored.

7. – Second fulfillment.

Symbolic men, typical men, pointed to someone who would come who would be the authentic branch of worship, our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Jesus communion with God was rebuilt and he made us temples of God.

  1. Third fulfillment.

In your life, this prophecy is for you, you have to renew your worship of God, you have to bring out what is of God in you and revive the power of God in your life.

He who worships receives the crown of government.

God hears those who worship him.