The Funeral And Mortuary Chamber

Unfortunately with the Covid-19 Pandemic, our funeral chambers are maxed out. Our facility occupies a section within refrigeration in the church and morgue sector where the use of mortuary chambers is essential.

Funeral chambers, due to their nature and needs, being subject to strict health controls, require uses and protocols for use, hygiene, and cleaning that require the availability of specific cold rooms for bodies and corpses.

Uses and Areas of Use of Mortuary Chambers

Funeral chambers are used in the following sectors:

  • Hospital Sector
  • Hospital Pathology Areas
  • Legal and/or Forensic Medicine Sector
  • Morgues/ Church’s
  • Funeral Sector and Funeral Homes

These applications are configured according to the needs of each installation since they are born from modular construction and assembly systems and are adapted in lengths and heights in order to give space to the bodies that are necessary.

According to the local and regional legislation, which governs each place, they must meet a series of legal requirements, to guarantee perfect cooling in said spaces, guaranteeing a level of reliability that this type of application requires.

Why should the bodies be introduced into these enclosures? (Also called burial mounds) Since decomposition is very fast, and in order to avoid this rapid process, it is a rule to let them rest in said chambers, to slow down and maintain more acceptable conditions.

Qualities of Burial Chambers

The environments generated by the chemical elements used in the handling of bodies, in the embalming process, and in thana topraxy, require chambers with finishes in Stainless Steel (possibility of incorporation in AISI 304–18/8 qualities) antimagnetic with applications of sanitary polishing inside and outside.

Built with Sandwich Panels with injected polyurethane insulation with an average density of 40kg/m3 and thicknesses of 60/80 or up to 100 mm thick according to requirements or needs.

The Cold Storage construction can also be carried out by means of sealed joints in all the panels. Doors with overlapping closures are installed to facilitate the opening and closing work and equipped with hinges coated with epoxy resin.

Usually and to facilitate these installations, this funeral, and hospital chambers incorporate compact refrigeration equipment with the possibility of working at positive temperatures and sometimes even negative temperatures, according to requirements and needs.

These types of chambers normally require the incorporation of detachable corpse-carrying trays built in a single piece of Stainless Steel, quality AISI 304-18/8, 1.5 mm thick, and perfectly finished with wheels that allow movement or sliding of the same.

In general, the materials used are usually of very high quality to guarantee that there is no leakage of bacteria or any odor or other contamination to the outside of the chamber itself.

Advantages of Using a Burial Chamber

  • Total modularity (from 1 to 12 bodies of capacity)
  • Quick assembly and installation
  • Multiple equipment options guaranteed
  • Possibility of adapting custom designs and finishes
  • Wide variety of installation accessories
  • Possibility of opening doors to the right or left
  • Stainless Steel exterior finishes with gray lacquer option
  • Interior finish in Stainless Steel with the option of white lacquer
  • Polyurethane insulation with high densities
  • Panel density 40Kg/m3 according to CE regulations
  • Interchangeable extruded polymer joints
  • Heavy-duty reinforced hinges

What Is A Burial Mound?

A burial mound is the closed refrigerated enclosure where the coffin is with the corpse and which also allows the exhibition of the same, before the final act of burial or cremation is carried out. These display rooms are in themselves cold rooms (burial chambers) with a display window that allows you to see what is inside and maintain the aforementioned cold room temperature and environmental conditions in order to slow down the decomposition process.

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