Our Mission explains why we exist as a church.

The Cervarese Catholic Parish is a church with a world vision, which through the years continues to carry out street evangelisms, music concerts, dramas, miracle crusades, home Bible studies, movies, with the purpose of presenting the gospel and be obedient to the great commission to take the word of God to the world.

We believe in the one God, living and true. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, We believe in the Bible, as the word of God.

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The focus of our ministry at Cervarese Catholic Parish is to glorify and honor God through the fulfillment of the mission that Jesus Christ gave to his followers in the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20).

It is our desire that as disciples of Jesus Christ, we grow and mature in the responsibility to care for one another in the context of genuine relationships and mutual ministry within the local church, rather than delegating this responsibility to one or several pastors bear all the responsibility of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

It is not the responsibility of one or several pastors to take care of the whole congregation; rather, all disciples using their God-given gifts for mutual ministry in the context of a strong and vibrant local church.

Cervarese Catholic Parish offers a variety of ministry opportunities for each believer to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and connect with other members of the Church.