When you don’t know what to do and you think there are no answers for…guilt, fear, depression, fear, domestic violence, marriage, self-esteem, lies…there is hope!

We have a multidisciplinary team, made up of professionals from different areas to provide comprehensive care (family counselor, pastors and social workers). The team works together to support and accompany the person with some difficulty.

Every Wednesday and Friday from 10am-1pm our Pastor Marcos Céspedes will be available in the Church for those who are looking for help. Through the word of God we will be looking for practical answers to today’s problems.

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Quick References

Guides for the challenges of daily life
Need help with a life problem or situation?

These free, downloadable guides may be just the information you need.

Quick References from the 100 Biblical Keys to Counseling offer biblical guidance, hope, and practical solutions. We call them Quick References because they provide information, answers and solutions to many daily challenges quickly! These references are very helpful for counselors, pastors, ministry leaders, and lay people.