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Biblical Studies

Not only do we study the Bible from the pulpit, we also have Bible study groups that range from the most basic to more in-depth studies intended to form the ministry.


The Bible teaches us that every Christian is an evangelist, someone on a mission to share the gospel with another.

In our Church we are aware of this reality, yet as a Church we have an evangelism group that goes out into the streets and we also do multiple activities so that others receive the blessing of knowing Almighty God.


Serving others is a function of every Christian, Deacons are people who have understood with great maturity service as a ministry and giving to others as a calling.


Proverbs 24:6 “…in the multitude of counselors is victory.”

A group of Christ-centered counselors as well as material to restore the emotions and hurts of the past working to serve the church.
Both personal counseling and work with the book “Oh God Restores” is helping and blessing those who need it.