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Music (Praise and Worship)

In our Church we have several praise groups that understand this vision and work so that all members are involved together with them in genuine and effective worship.


The Bible gives us clear guidelines regarding the importance of children in Israel. The child was already part of the people of Israel. In the Church, the child is already part of the Church, which is why the teaching of the child must be in accordance with their ability to reason, with teachers who teach concepts that the child can understand. In our Church we attach great importance to the child and we call with conviction “Children’s Church” the teaching classes for them.


This is why we use the various types of dances, as well as theater, pantomime and any manifestation of art (according to God and his word) to give glory to our King.

Social help

Through the NGO AHINCO, we are serving a multitude of needy families with food, clothing and various material aid to those who need it at that time.


A people that prays is a people that conquers. A church that prays is a church that understands God.
God has not given an effective tool to bring the blessings of heaven to earth.
With the prayer service and the Intersection team as a Church we seek God and await his response.